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I was really worried don’t work update state in Vue.js.
Please return my day.

This reason was key for v-for.

Test Page Component have array in state.
It give Test Component with v-for.
After that update its state.

Then doesn’t work to update state in Test Component, if you wrong to set key.

If you update state, update key for component.

If you are web developer,
you want to share image size in website with designer.

So, I made sample image generator.
Inspired by
Thank you!

Please feed back.

I want to save source code with GitHub.
But, I scare to leak the key.

So I tried to encrypt and decrypt for environment variable file.

↓ How to use with bash.

KEY={defined password} make env.decrypt.development

I want to easy to show log.
And I don’t want to be disturbed to debug by it.

So, I made toast UI for debug.

When the target object have relational object, it will fail in case of substitute only id to null.
So, it substitute relational id and relational object to undefined or null value.

I made chat application with Unity.
I used Vivox SDK.

It was easy to make chat app, when I used sample unity package.

But It could not use production application,
because VAT(vivox access token) need to make by server side application.

I made server side application with TypeScript.

But, there is not library for make VAT with TypeScript(or javascript).

So, I made it.

Please use it.

I made logger with C#.
This is

I want to make family tree in my Unity Project.
It is Bee.

It can make structure log.
Its interfaces look like “node-bunyan”.

If you use, please feed back to me.


I am kingfisher, software engineer.

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